Features & Ecosystem

NFT Purchase

Players can purchase their own NFT characters during our initial NFT drop. Packages are divided into three categories: Normal, Rare and Extremely rare. Packs with high rarity will have a chance to contain higher level equipment. To participate in the NFT drop, the player/user must wager a certain amount of $BHU.

In-Game Currencies

Hunterz ($BHU) is the official currency of the game. The token model will make itself more valuable and become a worthy reward for players.
$BHU our main currency is useful for purchasing NFT characters, synthesizing NFTs, staking, and governance.

NFT Marketplace

The official HunterZ marketplace is here to exclusively drop our own NFTs and have them battle ready. The marketplace will become a hub for players/users to exchange NFTs, in-game items, as well as NFT Renting. All NFTs exchanged in this market will have high utility in the game.

NFT Renting

Through a dedicated NFT Renting program, owners can officially rent their NFT asset to players who are skillful and eager to earn from the game. This way, both parties are able to split earnings and it becomes a win-win solution.


As guilds become more popular and projects of gaming hub starts to rise among the players, we at HunterZ understands the situation and provide a scholarship program built inside our smart contract. Guilds and scholars can determine a share agreement prior to leasing the NFT characters and earnings will be split automatically


Users/players who stake a number of $BHU will not only earn a competitive APY on their tokens but also get the chance to participate in our NFT drop and other events.